nba teams

The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, not just for the love of basketball but for how the professional players show their skills. While people will root for different teams, it’s massively important to show your solid support.  

nba teams

But what are the ways to show your support for your team? Here are the things that you can do: 

Attend Their Home Games

Probably the most traditional way of supporting your team during the playoffs would be to attend their home games and let the team hear you shout. Most NBA players get psyched up and energized when they hear their fans cheering for their team.

Your presence inside the Staples Center will also help distract the opposing team. Your noise will give them a hard time setting plays, especially when they are shooting free throws. If you don’t have time to buy a ticket at the Staples Center, our Errand Experts can grab them for you! 

Be at Their Away Games

It’s the other way around now. Your team will need your support and counter everything that you do in your home court. Just be there and be part of the team, even if it is expensive to travel from one state to another.

Subscribe to Streams

If you can’t be there to see your team play in person, you may subscribe to online streams to watch them in the playoffs. The great thing about watching via streaming is that you can invite your family and friends to watch and cheer. Plus, you can even order food delivery with no hassle! For the best chicken wings, Hot Wings Cafe over at Melrose Place is a definite must-try. If you prefer some sliders, Monty’s Good Burger won’t disappoint. 

If You Can’t Get In

The playoffs and championship are the much-awaited part of the season where the best NBA teams compete. You may expect sold-out tickets even for the advancements of the series. If you can’t be inside the Staples Center, you can at least stay outside and witness the game through big screens installed by the organization. 

Participate in Online Voting

NBA teams are usually up for awards. If one of your team’s players are candidates of the league’s awards, show your support by participating in online voting. The NBA committee gives a high percentage of fan’s votes for the awards.

Even If They Lose

Victory won’t happen all the time, especially during the NBA playoffs, where all teams play like there’s no tomorrow. It’s okay to feel bad if your team loses, but show your confidence in them by appreciating their efforts in trying to win simply by applauding for them and be thankful that no one’s injured. If they win, be proud to wear some cool merchandise. The Lakers Store and the Clippers Fan Shop have some of the best basketball apparel you can have. 

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