Step-by-Step Guide on Using BiBWorks Express Multi-Stop Feature

Want to take advantage of our multi-stop feature? BiBWorks Express aims to provide all our users the convenience when placing an order while using our app. As our commitment to becoming your partner for success, we work on continuously innovating our services.  BiBWorks Express is the only on-demand, all-in-one premium delivery solution that provides its clients a unique feature—offering multiple stops in one trip. This feature allows our users not only to save time on one single order, but it also offers …

Tips for Pizza Delivery: How Much Should You Give?

When you crave pizza, you rarely think about how much you should tip your delivery guy. Unlike tipping your driver or your server, tipping pizza delivery and other food delivery guys is tricky. Tipping etiquette is a hotly contested topic, and it can vary from one delivery service to another. So, how do you ensure that you will have a smooth and professional transaction the next time you order your favorite pizza? Here are some things you should know about …

How to Order in Fast Food Near Me During the Pandemic

Food delivery services like BiBWorks Express have become the lifeline for many people during the pandemic. With most stores only open for takeouts and delivery, the only way to satisfy cravings from their favorite local restaurants is by ordering in. However, you may be pondering on this important question—how do I order in a fast food near me? Read on. Is Food Delivery Safe During the Pandemic? Food deliveries during the pandemic are relatively safe provided that there is contactless interaction. Columbia …
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