The Mexican Army won against the French at the Battle of Puebla on the fifth of May in 1862; and Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated to commemorate the victorious historical moment. California has started celebrating the occasion since 1863 and has continued to be observed up to this day – with emphasis on the festive nature of Mexican culture such as music, dance, and food. Below are three classic dishes you can order via BibWorks Express and enjoy on May 5


While ceviche is Peruvian in origin, Mexicans made a version of this raw dish by replacing fish with shrimp. Mexican ceviche is usually comprised of shrimps, avocado, garlic, tomato, onion, jalapeno peppers, cucumber, and cilantro marinated in fresh lime juice. The acidity of the lime makes the ingredients more palatable despite being raw. However, some use cooked shrimps. Best served cold and with tortilla chips for dipping.
Recommendation: Tavo’s Cocina ceviche cup ($7.00)
2222 Michelson Drive, Irvine, California 92612

Carne Asada

Carne asada literally translates as “roasted meat”, however, this Mexican dish is in fact grilled. The meat is usually an inch thick skirt or flank steak marinated in lime and other spices, then grilled until medium rare – thus the citrusy yet smoky flavor. Once rested, the meat is sliced into thin long strips. It can be served plain or with a side of rice, beans, vegetables, taco, and even tortilla.
Recommendation: Cha Cha Latin Kitchen’s Carne Asada ($21.00)
13126 Jamboree Road, Irvine, California 92602


More known as Mexican grilled corn salad, esquites is a popular street food due to its convenience since it is usually eaten standing up or on-the-go, with the cup/bowl on one hand and the contents being scooped by a spoon. It is similar to elote (grilled corn on the cob with the husks pulled down and tied tightly to act as a handle) in terms of ingredients, but the kernels are removed and placed on a cup/bowl; after which, the garlic butter, mayonnaise, lime, queso fresco, minced serrano, and epazote herb will be added then mixed.
Recommendation: 3 Roots Mexican Cocina’s esquites ($10.00)
15361 Culver Drive, Irvine, California 92604

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