Get Paid to Drive Your Way

BiBWorks presents an opportunity for drivers to earn cash and benefits for trips they are already taking. With us, you can take advantage of an easy way to make money while driving.

Why Drive With BiBWorks

At BiBWorks, our drivers are appreciated for the hard work and dedication they provide to make successful deliveries to our valued customers. That’s why we offer them an opportunity to generate income depending on their schedule. This way, they can maximize their time while serving as a reliable partner of our community of drivers.

Earn Money

Becoming a BiBWorks partner allows you to become a part of our team of experts who earn a considerable amount of money by driving and delivering packages to our customers the best way possible.

As our partner, we value your satisfaction and safety. Hence, BiBWorks gives you the freedom to fulfill tasks you deem comfortable.

Follow Your Own Schedule

We respect our drivers to give them the flexibility to work at a most convenient schedule. We don’t force our drivers to work minimum hours and encourage work-life balance.

No PDVL License Requirement

Most delivery platforms require their drivers to get an exclusive license to become part of their roster of drivers. With BiBWorks, you will not need to secure a Private Hire Care Driver License (PDVL).

Upon registration and background check, you can start making money by fulfilling the errands you choose..

Virtual Training

Your safety comes first, and it is important to us that you feel that you are prepared for any situation while you are behind the wheel.

Our team offers virtual training that will provide you with a virtual day to day sample of what to expect from the tasks you will be doing; this includes the use of a UV wand, and an interactive platform, in which you can participate in an actual scenario of a personal shopping or delivery assignment.

We offer a tutorial on any safety measurements you will require, such as wearing a facemask while doing an errand or wearing gloves while delivering a package. We want our team to have a positive experience and follow the guidelines of the CDC.

BiBWorks Incentive

Working with BiBWorks can be a simple way to earn money and be part of a community that wants to encourage you to do your best. If you have any questions or concerns while doing a task our customer service associates have your back, we also offer additional earnings incentives, and badges, for a job, well done.

We want you to feel that your experience as a driver is rewarding and meaningful; and that you are on your way to a career path with high demand.