Whether one’s celebration of Easter is paganistic or religious in nature, it can be agreed that the festivity has been anchored on the idea of welcoming a new life. With this, people then associate eggs, chicks, rabbits, and even lambs with the said occasion. Although Easter lunch or dinner traditionally serves roasted lamb or baked ham, but here are some unique egg dish recipes by our resident chef Paula Atun.

1. Deviled Egg

This classic dish is a great appetizer loved by many generations, and for a reason – the tangy yet creamy piped egg yolk filling balances out the muted flavor and chewy texture of the boiled egg white. But if the usual fare of mayonnaise, mustard, dill, and pickle relish seems boring, replace mayonnaise with sour cream, then the pickle relish with capers or olives. Add spices too, such as cayenne pepper or paprika for added flavor and color. Might as well put toppings to garnish – sprinkle bacon bits, slide some caviar, tuck a couple jalapeño slices, or place roasted asparagus across.

Source: https://www.seriouseats.com/images/2014/04/20140419-deviled-egg-variations-recipe-11.jpg

2. Sicilian-style Stuffed Beef Roulade

Roulade is any food made into a roll. While most beef roulade have fillings made from a combination of some herbs and spices, the Sicilian-style stuffed beef roulade adds hard-boiled eggs. It is then pan-seared to brown all sides and basted/simmered in tomato paste or tomatoes like most Italian dishes. This is definitely a must-try and a potential crowd-favorite for the family Easter lunch or dinner.

3. Scotch Egg

Should making a roulade be too taxing as it requires laborious pounding of the meat to flatten it out, as well as the precision to ensure that the egg can be clearly seen when the roll is sliced, then preparing Scotch egg can be a nice alternative. Simply cover the peeled soft-boiled eggs with sausage meat, roll in flour-egg wash-breadcrumbs, then bake or deep-fry. Serve either in halves or as a whole. Although it may have some semblance with the cold appetizer deviled egg, this dish is best eaten while hot – to savor the runny yolk and crispy coated sausage meat.

4. Quail Eggs with Mixed Vegetables

For an interesting side dish this Easter, have some quail eggs with mixed vegetables. It is so easy to make. Sauté garlic on butter, followed by any vegetables of one’s choosing (e.g. green peas, carrots, corn), add salt and pepper to taste, mix in the peeled/hardboiled quail eggs, and then stir. Serve the dish on “nests” made from baked potato strips or fried noodles for a more Easter-themed presentation.

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