Want to take advantage of our multi-stop feature?

BiBWorks Express aims to provide all our users the convenience when placing an order while using our app. As our commitment to becoming your partner for success, we work on continuously innovating our services. 

BiBWorks Express is the only on-demand, all-in-one premium delivery solution that provides its clients a unique feature—offering multiple stops in one trip. This feature allows our users not only to save time on one single order, but it also offers tons of savings on delivery fees! 

So how do you take advantage of this feature? Here’s a step-by-step guide on using the BiBWorks Express app:

Step 1: Select your desired service type


You can choose parcels or errands depending on your present needs and requirements. 

There’s no limit to what service type you can avail of using our app. 

Errand service means getting access to your very own personal shopper or concierge. You will have our Experts buy items on your behalf, including toys, furniture, and even food items not currently offered by food delivery platforms, such as In N Out.

Parcel delivery, on the other hand, includes handling of documents, picking up valuable items, and shipping of products. We can do personalized packaging and one- to two-hour delivery to boost your business!

Need a refill from the pharmacy? We can do that for you. Craving for In N Out? We’ll buy it for you. Fulfilling an urgent, same-day delivery? We got your back! Need to grab items from Walmart or Target? We’ll do that for you. 

Need to do it all? Don’t worry as we got our multi-stop feature!

Note: While we are yet to launch our food and grocery offerings, you can also place requests for food purchases and grocery pick up and deliveries as errands.

Step 2: Choose the pickup location, additional stops, and delivery locations


Add the pick-up location and the delivery address. Once the location has been set, you simply have to add products PER STOP. There’s no limit as to how many products you can have our BiBWorks Express Expert buy for you. We highly recommend including the links to the products to make sure our Experts purchase exactly what you need. Don’t forget to add your desired quantity.

Add the stop to where the Expert should deliver the items and include the name of the recipient. 

Take Advantage of our BiBWorks Multi-Stop Feature

We understand how important time is for all our customers. If you plan to drop off several items in different locations, here’s how you can use our multi-stop feature: 

Choose the pickup location and add the stop to which the BiBWorks Express Expert should deliver the items. 

Say you need to grab lunch orders from In-N-Out and make purchases from Walmart and have them delivered to three different locations. Simply add the other drop-off locations and the name of the receiver. 

Our Expert will pick up the respective items, deliver one order to the first location and complete the first stop. Proceed to the following site, drop off the order and complete the second stop, and head to the next stop you added on the app to deliver the last order. 

Step 3: Place and pay orders

Once your orders are final, you will be provided a transparent breakdown of the delivery cost for your requested errand before order confirmation.


Step 4: Track your order

You never have to worry about the BiBWorks Express Expert missing any stops since you can monitor the delivery REAL TIME! The app will show the estimated time of delivery.

Step 5: Enjoy your order!

With our multi-stop feature, we help you be as productive as possible in spite of working from home while taking care of your kids—BiBWorks Express will be your partner!

Download the BiBWorks Express app on Google Play and the App Store.

Use the code BIBWORKS20 to get 20% off on your first order!


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