Starting a small business is challenging. It comes with an array of challenges that can drain one’s resources. As much as 20% of small businesses fail in their first year of operation, and this number balloons to as high as 50% in the first five years, according to the Chamber of Commerce. That said, access to all the strategies to boost the business is crucial, and that is where same-day delivery comes in.

Increasing Revenue with Same-Day Delivery for Small Businesses

We are now living in the age of instant gratification, and this is what big-name retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods leveraged in recent years by offering the convenience of same-day delivery options. Given this premise, more and more consumers expect small businesses to follow suit and offer this premium service. In fact, a good number of consumers will quickly abandon their online carts if a same-day delivery option is not available. Express deliveries are no longer a novel idea, however, as the current market is now driven by the ever-growing B2C e-commerce market in the U.S., which propelled even more at the height of the health crisis.

Why should small businesses partner with a same-day delivery service like BiBWorks? Here are some reasons:

1.   Attracts Loyal Customers

Successful businesses rely heavily on their loyal customers. They are the ones who would regularly consume your products over and over again. Plus, they are also effective marketing channels. Most customers would rely on the personal recommendation of people they know, and a loyal customer can do word-of-mouth marketing for your small business. While having loyal customers is good, you must provide them with a premium service so they will consider you over your toughest competition, and often giving them what they want when they want it works wonders. Offering a same-day delivery option prevents your reliable customers from straying to another business.

2.   Answers Urgent Customer Needs

For small businesses, the goal is to keep their customers happy. Some may think that same-day shipping is an added expense, a luxury if you must. However, for customers with urgent needs, it is a necessity. Just think about it—providing a customer’s need in times of emergency can have a lasting impact on your business. A customer will remember your business as highly reliable and dependable, which can elevate your status as more than just a store but a partner in times of need. And this builds customer loyalty.

3.   Taps Into Impulse Buying

Consumers often fall into the trap of impulse buying. It’s an effective strategy that enables one to rake in money. Impulse buying equates to instant gratification, and same-day shipping can help your business take a piece of this lucrative strategy. Once you make it easier for your customers to acquire the products you offer, the more willing they are to press that Buy button.

In the Same-Day Delivery Market in U.S. report, it was noted that consumers who order food deliveries and valuable items are willing to pay a premium in exchange for fast delivery.

All-in-One, Same-Day Delivery with BiBWorks

BiBWorks understand the challenges that most small businesses face today. That’s why, it offers an all-in-one premium delivery solution for small businesses, making it easier for budding entrepreneurs to elevate their businesses and increase their bottom line. If you are willing to partner with BiBWorks for your success, fill out the form here.


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