Justin Cuevas CEO of BiBWorks Express

“I was most proud of launching BiBWorks Express before the COVID-19 hit, and through it all, BiBWorks was able to come out strong. Right at the time when most businesses were struggling to survive and make their ventures pandemic-proof,” Justin, CEO of BiBWorks Express explains.

We had an exclusive interview with our CEO, Justin Cuevas, to share more about entrepreneurship during these times, our company’s mission-vision and innovations in the service industry.

1.Tell us your story and what makes your business unique.  

BiBWorks Express is all about quality service. The idea was born out of my passion to provide consumers access to convenience and luxury through efficient service. Before the coronavirus pandemic happened, I already had the vision to develop an app that can provide consumers this convenience and luxury through an all-in-one delivery solution. If you look at the market now, all delivery services would either be limited to food or grocery, which is not really convenient when you think about it.

With people working from home due to the pandemic and as we approach the new normal, there would be an increase in the demand for delivery services that go beyond just food and grocery—an all-in-one premium delivery solution—that’s BiBWorks Express.

  1. What type of business do you run?

Our business is in the Service industry, with a focus on delivery. We employ Drivers and Errand Experts trained to provide our consumers the best service for all their needs. Through our contactless delivery option, our user base can have the luxury of comfortably and safely make purchases, request errands, and even have the assurance their valuables are delivered on time while at home.

“Data proves that we spend an average of 16 hours on errands per week; if we can allow you to save 16 hours per week then you’ll have 16 more hours towards work or family. More time with the kids means better guidance. More time for work means a potential to do better”, said Justin. 

If you want to know more about BiBWorks Express, please visit our website: https://bibworks.com. Download the BiBWorks mobile app from Play Store and Google Play.

  1. What is your business’s greatest success?

At BiBWorks Express, every opportunity we get to provide service to our users is a great success. I also believe that addressing the gap during the coronavirus pandemic was especially crucial for growing our business. We were able to provide the much-needed income for our Drivers and Errands Experts while providing quality service to thousands of consumers who needed a reliable and dependable all-in-one delivery solution.

As he answered on his interview with Yahoo Finance, “I was most proud of launching BiBWorks Express before the COVID-19 hit, and through it all, BiBWorks was able to come out strong. Right at the time when most businesses were struggling to survive and make their ventures pandemic-proof,” Justin explains.”

  1. What would you say are the biggest challenges when starting a business?

Starting a business involves a lot of trial and error and especially during these uncertain times. You have to make sure that you are actually providing the service that you are promoting. With many businesses closing down amid the pandemic, you would have second thoughts about running a startup. That’s why the thirst for innovation and a strong sense of business acumen is needed. At BiBWorks Express, we help our partners realize this first with our interactive and easy application that will serve their delivery needs and either further cement or bounce back in this new normal.

Justin Cuevas CEO of BiBWorks Express
Justin Cuevas CEO of BiBWorks Express
  1. What is your business’s mission statement?

To deliver success. At BiBWorks Express, we consider our client’s success as our success. That’s why we have placed a high priority on providing the best possible service to our clientele. It doesn’t matter what delivery requirements they may have. Big or small, simple or complicated, BiBWorks Express will be the partner for success and comfort today, and in the years to come.

  1. How does your business help others?

At BiBWorks Express, we have the Enterprise delivery option that will set entrepreneurs and eCommerce owners apart from their competition when it comes to delivery services. We are committed to helping them scale their business effectively without the added cost. This way, they can focus on working ‘on’ their business rather than ‘in’ their business. They no longer have to waste their time making their deliveries because our drivers can ensure that each item they have will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

It doesn’t matter how they start your business. If they choose to launch their success from the garage, BiBWorks Express can be the partner for success.

Moreover, at BiBWorks Express, we have a Drivers Program where our partners are appreciated for the hard work and dedication they provide to make successful deliveries to our valued customers. That’s why we offer them training and more opportunities to generate income depending on their schedule. Through this, they can maximize their time while serving as a reliable partner of our community of drivers.

  1. What’s your advice for those trying to start their own business?

Always think of your users, your clients, and customers. Make their welfare your priority. You have to make sure that you provide convenience at all fronts. It is also important to choose your partners. Before you venture into a business, you have to have a reliable partner who will think of your success at the core of their business.

By partnering with BiBWorks Express, their customers get their items on time, increasing customer satisfaction and customer engagement, which improves the bottom line. Forging a partnership with us also means access to business growth. They can take advantage of our Last Mile delivery solutions to ensure their customers get what they need on time.

We also know how important it is to have access to personalized service, and that is why our partners receive exclusive and tailor-fit solutions. This way, companies can address many of the common challenges of running a business.

  1. What are your next projects this year?

I am pretty excited with how BiBWorks Express is going to make a big difference this year. As a company, BiBWorks Express understands how important time is, but also the quality and diversity of options available for them. With the constant reinvention and innovation of our app, which will be launched this year, we plan to partner with different restaurants and groceries, established and new, addressing to needs of people when it comes to healthier and diverse flavors.

9. Biggest obstacle your business has faced?

Uncertainty. Starting a business venture during uncertain times is perhaps the biggest obstacle we have faced and won over. This time has given me a renewed focus. It has taught me that through tough times, business leaders should learn how to become true leaders who are not afraid to innovate. Also, it is a time to show that a burning passion to serve others will be enough motivation to rise above all obstacles.

  1. Anything else you would like to share about BiBWorks?

I don’t consider BiBWorks Express as an alternative to mainstream delivery services. I believe that BiBWorks Express is more than that. As a company, I want BiBWorks Express to be known as an industry leader and innovator that will encourage change.

If you want to know more about BiBWorks Express as a driver/expert or small business owner or someone who wants an all-in-one premium delivery solutions, please message us at support@bibworks.com and download the BiBWorks mobile app from Play Store and Google Play to know more.


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