Food delivery services like BiBWorks Express have become the lifeline for many people during the pandemic. With most stores only open for takeouts and delivery, the only way to satisfy cravings from their favorite local restaurants is by ordering in. However, you may be pondering on this important question—how do I order in a fast food near me? Read on.

Is Food Delivery Safe During the Pandemic?

Food deliveries during the pandemic are relatively safe provided that there is contactless interaction. Columbia University epidemiologist Stephen Morse shared in an interview that the transmission of coronavirus is highly unlikely via food unless the contamination occurred after the cooking process. With properly prepared and handled food, the risk is little to negligible. The risk is in food handling during the delivery process. That’s why delivery services, including BiBWorks, have to take safety precautions by practicing contactless deliveries. In such practice, customers can order food and ask the delivery driver to leave the food at your doorstep. There is no need to come face-to-face with the driver since customers can make payments and tips online.

3 Ways to Order In a Fast Food Near Me

There are other options for ordering in fast-food restaurants in your neighborhood. This includes:

1. Ordering In Personally

You can choose to go to a restaurant and order your food. However, it comes with the risk of exposing yourself to the coronavirus.

2. Curb Pick-Up

There are many food establishments like Dunkin Donuts that offer curbside pickup. This option is generally safer than walking in the restaurant, but it still means that you have to go out to pick up your order.

Source: Dunkin’ Donuts

3. Food Delivery Services

Similarly, Dunkin’ has also partnered with various food delivery services like BiBWorks so that you can enjoy your food with utmost convenience and safety. The partnership of America’s favorite coffee and baked goods with BiBWorks is a testament to its commitment to providing their customers varied options to enjoy their products and services. With more than 50 years of operations and 12,600 restaurants worldwide, Dunkin’ is more than just your neighborhood fast-food chain.
Through the partnership, customers can order their favorites from Dunkin’ Donuts through the BiBWorks app—an all-in-one delivery solution that allows you to order in food and make other errand requests.

Steps for Ordering In a Fast Food Near Me

If you have used Lyft or Uber, food delivery services work the same. Here’s how they work:

Step 1: Download the App

They have apps that you can download via Google Play or the App Store.

Step 2: Choose Your Order

Using the app, you can choose the food items you want to order in a particular restaurant. Once you’ve decided on your order, you can then confirm and pay. You can also add tips via the app. Companies will pay a driver to go to the restaurant, pick up your order, and deliver it to you. Take note, though, the driver is not a restaurant employee but is affiliated with the delivery service.

Step 3: Receive Your Order

You can monitor your order via the app so you’ll know what time you can expect your food. Once the food is on your doorstep, it is still best practice to wash your hands before consuming your food.
Ordering in a fast food near you will be much more expensive than picking the order up in person since you also have to pay for delivery fees and tips. However, it is a lot safer for you because you don’t risk exposing yourself to other people outside. Plus, you can take advantage of discounts and promo codes that food delivery services would usually roll out.

BiBWorks Express is committed to providing our customers with the best service. Download the BiBWorks app from Google Play and the App Store now, and get access to exclusive perks and promos.

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