Social media app Tiktok has not only been an avenue for influencers and bloggers to showcase their talent in singing, acting and dancing but a variety of interests including cooking, mundane household chores, and even sales recruitment. According to a report published by H. Tankovska (U.S. TikTok user development 2019-2024, Jan 28, 2021) In 2019, TikTok increased it’s U.S. user base by 97.5 percent compared to the previous year. Audience growth of the social video platform is projected to remain in double digits until 2021, before slowing down to a 3.4 percent annual user growth rate in 2024. In 2019, TikTok had 37.2 million users in the United States.

A lot of new and up and coming content creators and even sales agents or partners of brands and companies who don’t know anything about digital marketing use the platform more than Instagram or Facebook because of TikTok’s algorithm which allows new users to be discovered. According to Techtimes, The social media platform provide the user’s “For You” feed with content that may be different from individual interests. This feature is used to add diversity by allowing users to encounter new creators and new content categories, giving them new ideas and perspectives.
Guidelines when Promoting codes/services and Recruiting with TikTok Videos

We are now living in the age of digital, and marketing or sales is continuously evolving in various social media platforms, old and new. This 2021, as a small business or even as a BibWorks partner or driver, you can explore this tool with techniques on how you can successfully make it – reaching your desired audience and making sales out of it.

1. Content is King

Evey social media creator should know that content is king. Know your objectives and the message you want to communicate and execute them through informative, funny or relaxing videos of your brand/product/job.
• Videos about how you especially do tasks (cook, bake, drive, etc) to build awareness on your expertise or quality of service
• Educational first-hand experience to share when it comes to earning money or making a side hustle
• Videos of happy customers reviewing the products or your service (user-generated content) to build trust
• Behind the scenes footage or fun videos of employees doing their work in the kitchen
• Entertaining videos displaying/personifying your products in a funny or relaxing way

2. Tone Matters (and Music!)

TikTok is basically a video-sharing app and at the core and beginnings of it is entertaining. Fun and relaxing treatment to your videos by adding music, and effects or filters would definitely help in setting the mood and seeing you as a friendly and authentic creator or promoter. Think dancing, lip-syncing and overall just doing silly stuff that may at first feel quite cringe-y. If you can find a way to be really creative with your videos, it will be great in reaching a lot of audience and turning it into awareness of what you wll offer.


3. Hashtags Work, And So Does Promo Codes

One way to gain organic reach and followers is to use relevant and trendy hashtags. This has been working on other social media platforms, and this will definitely help you become discovered by other users of this new medium, TikTok. As we’re writing, the 20 most popular hashtags on TikTok are: #tiktok #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #viral #love #funny #memes #followme #cute #fun #music #happy #fashion #follow #comedy #bestvideo #tiktok4fun #thisis4u #loveyoutiktok which are more generic ones, but you can definitely taylor-fit by searching your interest/category and seeing which tags have the most number of volume (e.g. 1.2 mil posts)

Speaking of words, then there’s are codes. This is one very interesting marketing tactic to promote at the end of each video (or entirely, especially if it’s a big affiliate discount). A great sample is: Mention it at the beginning or end of the video and let people discover your code.

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