We want you to know that we take your needs very seriously, and with the same precaution, care, and effort, you would do them yourself.

Our team of Drivers and Errand Experts offers you a contactless delivery that will bring you a comfortable and safe way of making your purchases, delivering your packages and valuables, doing your errands, and even more.

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1. Purchase Services

No more running to the stores late at night, BiBWorks guarantee that you will make use of your time more efficiently with our Errands Experts that are will purchase and deliver what you need anytime, anywhere.

BiBWorks will go to your preferred stores and buy items on your behalf. BiBWorks lets you order from several stores, saving you from traffic and long waits.

2. Grocery Delivery

Our Experts will take care of your grocery shopping list with our personalized door to door delivery that will save you a lot of time and money.

At any time of the day, you can make special arrangements to get things done whenever you need it.

3. Restaurant Delivery

There is no limitation on what and from where BiBWorks can deliver. BiBWorks allows you to order from multiple restaurants in one transaction. BiBWorks even lets you order from exclusive restaurants such as In N Out!

BiBWorks delivers the highest level of service and that is why we encourage our customers to be clear on their instruction. Be sure your food will arrive warm and freshly prepared.

4. Healthcare & Medicines

BiBWorks delivers prescriptions or over-the-counter products right to your door. Now you don't have to worry about going to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription. Your convenience is our top priority.

5. Document Delivery

With BiBWorks, you no longer have to interrupt your business meeting to get documents delivered. Send and get the articles you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Our experts will safely transport your documents and keep it 100% secure. You can continue to work on your business, family, and personal matters without worrying about the security and safe transit of your documents.

6. Valuables

Forgot a ring at your friend’s bathroom and didn’t have time to pick it up? Our Experts will take care of your valuables. With our real-time GPS tracking, you can make sure that your valuables are safe and, on their way, back to you.

For more information visit our Errand Services page.