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Egg Recipes to Celebrate Easter

Whether one’s celebration of Easter is paganistic or religious in nature, it can be agreed that the festivity has been anchored on the idea of welcoming a new life. With this, people then associate eggs, chicks, rabbits, and even lambs with the said occasion. Although Easter lunch or dinner traditionally serves roasted lamb or baked ham, but here are some unique egg dish recipes by our resident chef Paula Atun. 1. Deviled Egg This classic dish is a great appetizer loved by …

Step-by-Step Guide for Decluttering Your Home

If you have tons of clutter in your home, don’t fret. All of us have clutter—things placed in the wrong places in our house, and these need to be moved around or taken away. This will help you welcome the new year right and focus your energy on things that matter. It can be an eyesore that you have to deal with. It can be challenging, especially if you are unsure of how you should tackle it. Here is an …
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