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6 Ways to Show Your Support for Your NBA Team

The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, not just for the love of basketball but for how the professional players show their skills. While people will root for different teams, it’s massively important to show your solid support.   But what are the ways to show your support for your team? Here are the things that you can do:  Attend Their Home Games Probably the most traditional way of supporting your team during the playoffs would be to …

How to Start Your Work from Home Journey this 2021

2020 was the year when the world saw a sudden shift in the job market due to the coronavirus pandemic. Before, most companies will offer work from home status as a perk. Now, however, it has become the norm. Back in 2019, it was expected that as much as 70% of the workforce would start working from home five days a month by 2025. With the way things are looking now, the COVID-19 hastened the process. And 2021 will not …
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Egg Recipes to Celebrate Easter

Whether one’s celebration of Easter is paganistic or religious in nature, it can be agreed that the festivity has been anchored on the idea of welcoming a new life. With this, people then associate eggs, chicks, rabbits, and even lambs with the said occasion. Although Easter lunch or dinner traditionally serves roasted lamb or baked ham, but here are some unique egg dish recipes by our resident chef Paula Atun. 1. Deviled Egg This classic dish is a great appetizer loved by …

Tips for Pizza Delivery: How Much Should You Give?

When you crave pizza, you rarely think about how much you should tip your delivery guy. Unlike tipping your driver or your server, tipping pizza delivery and other food delivery guys is tricky. Tipping etiquette is a hotly contested topic, and it can vary from one delivery service to another. So, how do you ensure that you will have a smooth and professional transaction the next time you order your favorite pizza? Here are some things you should know about …
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