With travel restrictions and lockdowns in some states, it is understandable how some people opted to take advantage of delivery and errand services to serve their everyday needs. The success of delivering your orders depends on your communication with your delivery experts. Here’s how you should communicate with your BiBWorks delivery expert:

Treat Delivery Experts With Respect and Trust

Delivery experts become more enthusiastic when they feel they are respected and trusted by their clients. The idea is to establish a positive relationship with your drivers as soon as you book a request through the app. You have to understand that while you may have booked your deliveries and errand requests through an app, there is another person who will fulfill your requests. So as soon as you book your request, send a message to your driver to let them know any additional concerns that you may have. If you have any valuables that you need to be delivered, you have to make them feel that you trust them to handle them with utmost care. 

Be Specific On Your Requests

Drivers would often take multiple requests to ensure that they can maximize their trips. If you have time-sensitive deliveries and urgent requests, you have to be specific with your requests. This way, it would be easier for delivery experts to prioritize your parcel or food deliveries. With BiBWorks, our Drivers will process your requests as soon as you book them. If you have any particular preferences, such as personalizing your deliveries, you have to make sure that you communicate with your driver. Being concise avoids the confusion that can lead to mistakes and misunderstandings. 

Schedule Multiple Deliveries Ahead

BiBWorks has made it easier for small businesses to manage their operations. If you have a small business and need to carry out multiple deliveries, it is best to schedule them ahead. Include in your request if there are any additional items for pick up and delivery. BiBWorks also allow multiple stops so you can maximize each driver’s trip. When you use the BiBWorks app, you can schedule your pick up and delivery at least 30 days ahead. 


Avoid Cancellation of Requests

As with any delivery and errand service, users can cancel their orders or requests if they change their mind. However, you should avoid it as much as possible. If you need to make any changes, it would be best to initiate the order cancellation or the request alteration at the soonest time possible. Let your driver know immediately. Note, however, that any changes may be subject to charges once the driver has initiated the trip. 

Say Thank You

Delivery experts are often unappreciated for their time and effort in delivering parcels and carrying out requests. A little thank you will go a long way. For every request for pick up and delivery, make sure to show them how you appreciate their time and effort. Say thank you, and you can have the assurance that your requests will be handled the best way possible. 

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