When you crave pizza, you rarely think about how much you should tip your delivery guy. Unlike tipping your driver or your server, tipping pizza delivery and other food delivery guys is tricky. Tipping etiquette is a hotly contested topic, and it can vary from one delivery service to another. So, how do you ensure that you will have a smooth and professional transaction the next time you order your favorite pizza? Here are some things you should know about tips for pizza delivery:

Should You Tip on Top of Delivery Fee?

Yes. You should still tip on top of the delivery fee. Consider delivery fees as a separate entity from the tip. Ideally, restaurant owners would pocket the minimum upfront fee, and they are not obliged to give it to the driver. If you want to make sure, you can call the restaurant and see if the delivery charge goes to the driver. If yes, you have to ensure that the fee is equal to 15% of what you ordered and is equivalent to at least $5.

How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery

If the delivery fee does not go to the driver, here are some points to remember when giving tips for pizza delivery guys:

Mediocre Service

If your pizza delivery is running late, call the restaurant for an updated time. Ask why the order is late. Often, it is not the pizza delivery guy’s fault. If you know that the restaurant is at fault because orders are late, do not lessen the tip amount.
In case you receive the wrong order, you should not blame your delivery guy. While you may want to think that the delivery guy checked the order, most pizza places will already pack the orders and simply hand them over to the driver for delivery. Your driver guy should not be penalized for this. As such, they should still receive tips for pizza delivery.

Superb Service

Most drivers rely on their tips to get by. That’s why most of them would go to lengths to make sure they provide the best service to their customers in exchange for a good tip. When you feel like they’ve given you the best service, consider it a kind gesture to tip more. Giving them at least 20% of what you’ve ordered, and you can be sure that they’ll pay it forward.

Ordered via App

If you’ve ordered via a delivery app, the tipping standard remains the same. Ordering via an app like BiBWorks Express is an added convenience, and it does not mean that your driver’s job will be easier. They will still perform their duty. If you paid via a credit card, make sure to indicate the tip when they share the receipt with you. If you are paying by cash, hand over the tip in cash. As much as possible, avoid tipping in loose coins. Simply fold the bill nicely and hand it over to your driver.

When to Tip More

While there is a tipping standard, there may be instances where you want to increase tips for pizza delivery, such as during bad weather conditions, peak order times, or when the driver has to climb up five flights of stairs to bring the pizza to your apartment.
Tips for pizza delivery or any other food delivery are highly appreciated, particularly during the pandemic when drivers are putting their health at risk to deliver orders while following health and safety protocols.

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