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The US workplace economy is undergoing major changes. Due to the pandemic, many businesses had to stop their operations or lay off workers. Come 2021, as businesses start to reopen, more and more are getting new hires to join their firms. However, employees are also choosing their employees based on which can give them the opportunity to work from home

To date, as much as 41.8% of the US labor force are now working from home full-time, according to Upwork. If you look at it, these workers contribute to roughly 66% of the economic activity in the US. Given this, organizations are now looking at adopting a hybrid workplace to accommodate employee demands and still continue to streamline workplace operations. 

For new hires, a hybrid workplace maybe something new. But for many executives, it’s something that they’ve been seriously thinking about, considering that some companies may not survive with a purely work-from-home model. A 2020 Gartner survey revealed that this may have a significant effect on their workplace culture. Similarly, PwC research showed that 55% of employees prefer a hybrid work setup

When a hybrid workplace is adopted, new hires may find it challenging to navigate and survive during their first few weeks of work. Here are some tips to help new hires cope, particularly those who are changing their careers: 

Expand Your Network

new hires

If your new job requires you to work from home and work with a team, a good way to expand your network would be to introduce yourself to your colleagues. Schedule a video call and host a quick coffee video chat with them. If most of your workmates live in the same area, you can order from BLK Dot Coffee in Irvine and have them delivered to multiple locations. Book it with BiBWorks so you can take advantage of the multi-stop feature

Offer a Lending Hand 

new hires

No matter what your position is in your company, it pays to help your colleagues. If you’re doing your grocery, it will be appreciated if you ask your peers if they want anything to be picked and up delivered to their place. If your company is adopting the hybrid work setup, you can also assist your officemates by delivering documents they may need from the office through BiBWorks parcel pick up and delivery experts. This way, they don’t have to make the trip to the office. Plus, you’ll be appreciated for offering a lending hand. 

Have a Routine in Place

No matter if you’re working from home or working in-office, you’d be able to assimilate with the new working setup if you have a routine in place. When you need to run errands, you can leave them out of your mind by having a dedicated errand expert buy all the essentials you need to keep you focused on your job. Need to make a quick trip to CVS Pharmacy but you have an upcoming meeting? Let your BiBWorks errand expert do it for you. Craving for In ‘N Out but rushing to finish a deadline? Order it via BiBWorks. 

New hires would surely have an easy time adjusting to their work with these helpful tips. 

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