Food delivery and takeout options served as a much-needed lifeline for restaurants worldwide. Without these services, it would be difficult for establishments to survive. For consumers, delivery services have given them the option to still enjoy different menus from their favorite restaurants and shops while remaining safe in their homes. Thankfully, most restaurants have shown incredible resiliency and adaptability, changing their business model instantly.

Food delivery has existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world. But now, online ordering options and delivery apps have become the go-to in the new normal. When the pandemic is over, consumers can expect these options will change the way we approach delivery. When it comes to food delivery, here’s what we can look forward to:

Food Delivery: The New Normal

As states slowly reopen, it can be expected that many people would start dining in restaurants. However, it would still take a while before they become comfortable in the new normal. A consumer survey revealed that about 67% of U.S. consumers will still be cautious about dining in, and about 12% of them even claim that they may not even dine-in at all. And this is where food delivery and errand services can bridge the gap between food service and consumer demand.

Many of those who ordered food delivery for the first time have expressed satisfaction and showed interest in continuing this practice. Why? It’s because of the convenience it affords them. It doesn’t matter if they pay extra for delivery and service charges, as long as they can be convenient and safe.

Minimum Health Protocols for Food Delivery

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), no evidence exists to say that people can get COVID-19 infection from food or any of its food packaging. Since the virus is a respiratory illness and can be transmitted via in-person contact and respiratory droplets, it is still a must that those who would handle food deliveries to apply the minimum health standards set by health officials. Ideally, they should be wearing masks and wash their hands with soap or alcohol and hand sanitizers after each delivery. Food recipients should also wash their hands after receiving the food items and before eating their meals.

Meal Kits and Family-Sized Menu

Consumers can also expect restaurants to offer family-sized meals and meal kits to meet the demands of their consumers. Not only is this cost-effective for families, but it can also help restaurants cope with the dwindling numbers of dine-in guests.

Food Delivery with BibWorks

For food delivery services, the challenge is to bring restaurant-quality meals to homes the best way possible. With BiBWorks, it is possible to have your meals while they are still warm as if your meals are served at the restaurants. Our Purchase Service allows our BiBWorks app users to take advantage of our all-in-one premium delivery solution instantly. As soon as you book a request, our orders will be processed immediately. You can even make multiple errands in one go, so you maximize the service in the best way possible.

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