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24 hours are not enough for you to finish your to-do list? Need to pick up your dry cleaners but have to get home before the lockdown? Need a bigger car to carry your new couch from the store? We got you!

More than just another delivery service platform, BiBWorks is here to help you every day, no matter what time or day of the year. Our priority is for you to know that we are here to make a difference in your daily routine regularly

Secure Contactless Delivery Drivers

We take safety measurements to the next level and given recent health measurements and restrictions, our drivers will take safety precautions to ensure your health.

We will deliver your package with personal protective equipment without the need for you to have any contact with our tasker. Now more than ever, BiBWorks offers a community of drivers that are here for you.

Personalize Your Delivery

With BiBWorks, you can now make specific details on Who, What, When, and Where you want your items to be delivered. Our personalized door to door delivery will save you a lot of time and money. If you wish to send lunch to your loved ones, or you want to buy flowers for your wife, you can now make special arrangements to surprise them.

What Kind Of Packages Do We Deliver

BiBWorks will deliver most if not all types of packages. Whether you need to send some keys to your husband or a new couch to your grandmother’s house, our personalized delivery is explicitly tailored to your needs.

We Deliver:-

-Small Packages

If you need us to pick up some groceries at the store or pick up a gift, we will provide it quickly and efficiently because we take your tasks seriously, no matter the size of the package.

-Valuable Items

Forgot a ring at your friend’s bathroom and didn’t have time to pick it up? Our drivers will take care of your valuables, and with our real-time GPS tracking, you can make sure that your valuables are safe and, on their way, back to you.

-Large Goods

If you need a hand with some furniture or any heavy lifting items, our drivers will make sure your package is handled carefully.

Get It Quick

Don’t waste time on tedious errands; if you need it with urgency, our drivers will prioritize your errands with no additional cost.

Now you can easily track your item from point to point worry-free and discover an environmentally secure way to send your packages.